Monday, 18 March 2013

Plodding on

Another rather dull day, though it's improved as it went on, being quite bright outside now but still very cold for the time of year. Mostly we've got on with the usual Monday chores; running washloads, catching up with email and the like.

Sharon Boulton of Bunnies Warren, the boat that we moved this time last year, sent us a picture of Crick Marina this weekend, covered in snow. It was warm enough to wear tee shirts and shorts when we moved their boat.

We've been exchanging emails with Paula at Pinelog; she's working on the plans and specs for Walnut Lodge and keeps coming up with queries like "Do you want the TV wall mounted or on a corner cupboard?" We're going for the cupboard, with our boaters' determination to increase storage wherever possible.

What size TV do folk expect these days, I wonder. In a smallish living space, will 32" be enough? We're planning to get one with built in DVD player; it'll be the first TV we've owned since 2004.

The stove chimney kicked out a bit of soot on start up, all over the roof and cratch cover – the Ecofire briquettes tend to burn rather dirtily if kept smouldering. Investigation showed that the flue would benefit from a brush. It's a long way from being dangerously blocked, but you can't be too careful.

Since the back brick of the Squirrel has a crack in it, we bought a replacement in Midland Chandlers this afternoon. I'll let the stove go out overnight and we'll give it a thorough overhaul tomorrow morning. The fire is still burning bright, so there's plenty of draught for one more night.


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Bruce,
There are a number of website that provide an answer to your query regarding the size of a TV screen and the min/max distance to sit. You might want to look at this one..””



Kevin said...

Hi Bruce,
If you want to save a penny or two for your next loaf or half-dozen eggs from Betty's then you could do worse than look at the John Pye auction website.
We've bought a 32" LG this morning for £140 + VAT + Premium a saving of over £180 on the retail price!!

Bruce in Sanity said...


Tom, thanks for that, very useful. That implies a 42" screen for a maximum viewing distance of around 11 feet.

Kevin, handy site, thanks mate. Mercia may be able to get a lot of the stuff on trade accounts, but those prices look even better.

All the best