Sunday, 17 March 2013

Getting stuff done

After an excellent evening with Stephen and Jayne last night – it must have been good Cava, no headaches this morning – we've kept busy with mundane but pleasing stuff today. As may be imagined, we had a pretty relaxed start on a grey sort of day, but then walked down to the village for stores.

I'd already let the stove go out, relaid and relit it so before lunch I cleaned up around the hearth. After lunch and a bit of a post prandial doze, we get stuck in to cleaning the inside of the boat, sweeping, dusting and washing the ceiling over the galley and in the bathroom.

With things looking a lot brighter, both within and without, we decided to get some fresh air by walking round the marina. Sheila has an order for four of her under mushroom vent drip catchers, so we stopped off in Midland Chandlers to get the round bulkhead light lenses that are at the core of the design.

As usual, we had a bit of a natter with the guys in there, then pottered round to the boat for a latish cup of tea.

I've just put a beef casserole to simmer on the Squirrel, to be served with mashed potato and steamed green cabbage, I think.

Current plans are to stick around for this week, going to the quiz night in the Willow Tree on Wednesday and the Lodge Open Day on Saturday, then head out on Monday unless the weather is really rubbish.

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