Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Change of plan

Checking the forecast again, we decided last night that this morning was going to be the best least bad chance to boat for the next few days, especially if we set off first thing. So Sheila decreed a prompt start, it being her turn to steer and thus her decision.

We got away before eight in a light wind and frequent sunny spells and did indeed have a good run initially. Colwich Lock was negotiated on the heels of Kharis and another boat came up as we were locking up, thus saving us hassle as her lock wheeler closed the top gate for us.

Kharis had cleared Haywood by the time we got there; I nipped off to get a paper as Sanity Again rose in the lock, getting back just in time to see her leaving. Another boat was waiting to come down, so the level of traffic was just perfect.

Unfortunately the wind was now rising and Sheila had an interesting time negotiating the junction. She had to hover briefly whilst another boat emerged and an Anglo Welsh appeared from up the T&M then elected to stop on the water point. Being an experienced and skilled helmswoman she made the turn without difficulty, only having to go astern once when the wind threatened to blow the bow into the offside of the bridge hole.

I rejoined in the narrows just beyond and we plodded on to Tixall, where there was plenty of room and an on shore wind, making mooring easier than it might have been. We've got a good spot at the Haywood end of the Wide, where we'll stay until Friday, allowing the storm to blow itself out.

This afternoon we made an expedition to the Farm Shop, stopping off to unload rubbish and recycling on the way. Sadly, there's a sunken boat on the VMs between the junction and Swivel Bridge; it's got two patrol notices on it, so presumably CRT will eventually remove it. Mind you, it's obviously been there for a while judging by the silt accumulated on the decks where they are under water.

What a sad sight

Jo and Wynn James have just passed by in Voyager and moored a bit further on; we've seen several other Mercia boats over the past few days, but they are the first fellow moorers we've actually recognised.

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