Monday, 15 April 2013

Warm and windy

We didn't make a seriously early start this morning, but still managed to be on our way before nine. The wind was at first no problem; indeed with a bit of sun around it was very pleasant indeed. Mind you, by the time we got to the fiddly bits between Handsacre and Spode House/Hawkesyard Priory the breeze was enough to give me a bit of a challenge.

Hovering by the Plum Pudding to let Sheila walk through the tunnel and make sure it was clear I got blown over towards the towpath enough that I ended up brushing it with the stern as I set off. Apart from that, there were enough boats on the move to keep it interesting; none were met in the narrow sections.

We stopped at the water point beyond the Spode House moorings to top up the tank and drink a coffee. Setting out again, I had an uneventful trip to the shopping moorings in Rugeley, arriving just on 11.15. This was just nice time for a canter round Morrisons and Lowndes fruiterers before lunch.

We treated ourselves to the scrummy Morrisons' traditional pasties, despite it being meat free Monday. No matter, I got a nice looking cauli in Lowndes, so it's cauliflower cheese tonight. I must report a striking first for the year; when we got back to the boat, it was too hot inside just from the Squirrel ticking over very slowly. Both Houdinis went on the cork (ie propped open with wine corks) and the doors left open.

Sheila ran a washload on the way to our overnight mooring here at Bridge 69, aka the Pig Farm. We've dropped the cratch in anticipation of the serious wind again tomorrow; it's warm enough inside it as a result to make the well deck a good place to stand the rack full of wet washing.

Flies have appeared, sufficient to require deploying the swat, and Sheila has just had to usher a wasp out of the side hatch. Spring is definitely with us, despite the wind.

We're going to sit tight here tomorrow, almost certainly, then chug or zig zag our way to Tixall on Wednesday.

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