Friday, 5 April 2013

Getting ready to go

Honestly. Definitely. Probably…

Nah, it'll have to be something serious to stop us this time. Sheila's been running washloads all day and running up and down to the laundry to get the stuff tumbled. We had an Ocado delivery this morning so the store cupboards are rammed full of staple supplies.

We've told Pinelog that we're happy with their quote for the furnishing for Walnut Lodge, and told Tony in the marina office that we'd like to get the contract signed and sorted.

We had our usual walk round the marina this afternoon in what's hopefully the last of this horrible easterly wind, and took the opportunity to call in at Midland Chandlers and take advantage of their Freaky friday discount by buying some kindling and a bottle of antifreeze.

I think I've sorted the weeping joints in the engine coolant system, but as I type this I'm running the engine up to temperature to make sure.

There's nothing worse than boating along worrying about what's happening under your feet.


Tonight we're being entertained by Helen and Lloyd on Alice – this may mean that getting going tomorrow is harder than usual, but we'll just have to chance it. In the morning we'll go over to the service wharf to diesel up and pump out; the pump out's a bit early, but we may as well set off in the boater's ideal state of full diesel and water tanks and an empty toilet tank.



Jo said...

Bon Voyage and see you when we do. Happy Cruising. Jo & Wynne

James and Debbie said...

Have a great season guys. PS My Midland chandlers receipt was nearly two foot long :(

Mandakini said...

Be brave. It can only get warmer! From. Nb Mandakini

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading your cruising blog have fun