Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dog to dog blog: AGPs are hard work

Hi guys

The AGPs seem to have settled in this marina for ever – I'm not complaining, specially, as it means I get to visit them and I enjoy my days on the boat, but why aren't they out and about? I do worry that they are getting too old to cope with all this boating.

Anyway, today they were just about conscious when Mum and I got there, still slurping down their breakfast. I was expecting a walk in the morning as usual, but instead they mysteriously went into boat cleaning mode, sweeping up all the nice bits of grit I do so love to chomp on.

All became clear when some of their friends turned up – bit of a drag for me, frankly, I had to put up with the usual commands about being quiet and calm and stuff. The humans had biscuits with their coffee but none for me, natch. In the end after much nudging and meaningful looks Grandpa gave me one lousy treat.

Finally the other humans took themselves off and I got a bit of a walk in the marina and the wildlife field.

Soon it was lunchtime – I made my feelings clear by sulking in bed, but finally got a decent sized carrot to crunch up. A bit after lunch, Grandpa and I had a proper walk along the towpath, though even that wasn't as long as it might have been. Grandpa complained that the wind made it hard work to slog along, though I really don't see what his problem is.

I mean, I just went into fully streamlined mode with my ears laid well back and my racing snake physique displayed to full effect and had no problem at all.

Like I say, I do worry about the AGPs; will they be able to cope with boating and locking if it's all such an effort? I mean, they've been stuck in the marina for six months now, it's just not like them.

Ah well, this will probably be my last weekly post for a bit as they're really, really planning to leave on Saturday.

Take care guys, I'll try and blog when I can

Loads of licks

Your friend


PS: Grandpa insists on having a word:

Carolann and Graham, it was great to see you this morning, even if Sally doesn't approve of having her routine disturbed! Have a great summer on the cut and maybe see you around later on...



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Anonymous said...

Oh Sally, I will miss your blogs, but not half as much as the AGP's will miss your visits - how will they manage???

Sue, nb Indigo Dream