Wednesday, 29 May 2013

After Crick

We got away just after eight this morning and had a good run to the top of Watford, Sheila steering. Winding in the entrance to the marina was interesting as always, mainly because there is only just enough room to do it, but otherwise it was a straightforward business, if a bit damp.

We just missed the tail end of the first convoy down Watford and had to hang about for I guess around 90 minutes before getting into the top of the staircase. There were a good bunch of lockies on, though, and they held back the next boat until we were clear of the problem gates, which otherwise would pour water through the leaking mitres and cills into the engine room.

We've tied just before Norton Junction on a bit of piling before Bridge 3, very quiet and peaceful, just the thing for a post prandial doze recovering from our exertions.

So, "what was the show like?" I hear you ask.

It was great, much better than last year, not least because of the weather, which was amazingly warm and sunny for all three days, but also because the whole mood of the thing was more upbeat. We met lots of followers of this blog, too many to record here I fear (but hi, Neil!), many other old friends, both from the Owners' group and from WRG, and had several very pleasant evenings entertainment on our own and other boats and in The Moorings.

OK, Braidbar didn't win the vote for favourite boat again – but we'll do it one year. The winner, interestingly, was the one Sheila had identified as having the best chance, Emily from the Navigation Company, with distressed/recovered wood fittings and the like and a smart Andy Russell grey paint job. Because it's a popular vote, I reckon you need something a bit eye catching like that, rather than just very high quality fitting and a reputation for good design and flexibility and sensitivity to the owner's requirements.

Other good aspects of the weekend for me were the new layout of the main exhibition area, which was more compact and worked much better than last year, and spending more time in the gazebo having longer talks to potential customers than you can have doing fifteen minute show throughs of the boat.

It's Braidbar's 30th anniversary this year, so at close of business on Saturday evening the team surprised Peter and Susan with a cake in the shape of a narrowboat and some French champagne.

One thing missing, though, was the bottle of whisky promised to us by Mr Ludgate, our prize for winning the Canal Boat Christmas quiz. Never mind, we've not drunk last year's yet, so there's no rush Martin…



Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce

Very good to meet you, with regard to your question about auctions,all I can say is watch this space.


Captain Ahab said...

Bruce - I really really intended to catch up with you at Crick, I effectively walked over your boat on the bridge every day but 9.00 till 6.00 in the food hall left too little time to get round everyone.
Sometime soon

Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi folks

Neal: sorry for misspelling your name. I'll quietly await developments…

Cap'n: Maybe next time - it's a good reason not to get round, though, hope you made lots of dosh!

All the best


judith matthews said...

Just like to say thank you very much for showing Mark and myself (Judith) around your lovely boat whilst we were at the show on Saturday. It was so good to see her and the layout you ha, it has given us a lot of thought about how we would like our boat to look.
We follow your blog with interest.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Judith

Thanks for that and glad you like my witterings!

If you've any specific questions, don't hesitate to email me.

All the best