Thursday, 30 May 2013

Back to Braunston

7.30 start this morning, drizzly rain but not cold or windy. A steady plod to Norton Junction and on to the tunnel, through which we followed one boat and were in turn followed by another. The former stopped on the moorings at the top, but the latter, Thistle Do, shared down the locks with us.

We had the flight to ourselves at first, but it all got both busy and chaotic by the time we reached the Admiral Nelson, with boats moving in all directions, sometimes deliberately…

Shortly after, who should we see but Sue off No Problem walking up to exercise the dogs and look for us. With only a little persuasion she borrowed a windlass and gave Sheila a hand with the locks. No Problem was waiting at the bottom, having had her engine replaced under warranty and now much better for it.

We found a mooring by Butchers Bridge and NP was seen boating past shortly afterwards. Thanks again Sue, and have a good trip to the Thames!

The bow locker is now stuffed full of recycling as we haven't seen a recycling bin since Newbold. There is a helpful sign at Crick:

I guess if you are a moorer and have a car that's OK (but wouldn't you take the stuff home with you just as easily?) but for the passing boater it's quite pointless.


This bit of the system must be the least helpful for recycling – almost all other CRT areas seem to make some provision, so why not around Braunston and Crick?

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