Friday, 16 August 2013

Dog to dog blog: My last full day for a bit

Well, guys, this is the last blog for a while; this time tomorrow I’ll be safely tucked up at home with Mummy again if all goes as it should. It’s been a pretty good day all in all; we had a good lie in and snuggle this morning and then I took Grandpa for a short walk after breakfast.

A bit after that we all went along to the yard to see the latest boat being got ready; it’s a community boat and there was going to be a big shindig to name her. Grandpa had said he’d take some photos of it all, so we had a preliminary look and Grandma gave a hand cleaning windows and stuff.

In the meantime, I took Grandpa for a longer walk to make sure he was properly exercised, then Grandma took me back to the boat. Although I’m a lot calmer than I used to be, big crowds are really not my thing.

We’d not been long back at the boat when a space opened up on the mooring further along. Since we’d had a lot of noise from the rain dripping off the trees where we were, Grandma gave Grandpa a ring and got him to come back and help move the boat.

This we did with only one incident; when Grandma was bending over to lift a fender, a passing Wheaten Terrier bit her on the behind. Grandma was pretty upset, but the women with the terrier was surprised at that: “I said sorry” she said, as if that made it all right.

I mean if I bit someone on the bum (not that I would), OK it would be a bit more than a nip like a terrier gives, but even so, there’d be all kinds of fuss and loads and loads of apologies and “Are you all right” and all that stuff.

Anyway, we decided to put it behind us, as it were and just get on with moving the boat. I offered to steer – I mean it doesn’t look difficult – but meanie Grandpa wouldn’t let me. Here’s a photo of me trying to have a go:

How hard can it be?

After lunch we had a really good walk along the Middlewood Way (no bunnies this time, worse luck) and back along the canal towpath. I got admired, first by the man who owns the moorings on the other side of the canal, and then by Stephen and Jayne all over again.

So, as I say, a pretty good day one way and another. One night to go and then Mummy!


Loads of licks

Your friend


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Anonymous said...

Dear Sally

I've really enjoyed catching up with your posts - we've been in an internet black hole so we haven't been able to keep up with our favourite hounds.

Hope you're having a good rest after your holiday and enjoying some mummy cuddles - they're the best :-)

Sue & the Indigodreamers