Thursday, 15 August 2013

Dog to dog blog: some proper R&R at last

Hi Guys

Only today and tomorrow to do in this blog ‘cos hopefully Mummy is coming to rescue me again on Saturday.

We’ve had a quiet day today; managed to persuade the AGPs to take their tea back to bed in the morning so we had a good old snuggle before breakfast. Frankly I needed it after the exertions of the past few days. As it was my heart sank a bit at the thought of taking Grandpa for his walk later in the morning, but duty must be done. Mummy thinks a lot of him so I do my best to keep him fit and healthy for her.

We walked and Grandma boated to Poynton where we’ll stop until the weekend. No big deal, just a gentle walk and then after we’d moored we popped round to the yard where the boat was built to say hi to folk.

Everyone was very busy there, so didn’t stop; they’ve got a big launch of a community boat tomorrow and there was a lot of running around going on. Back at our boat we’ve had a very peaceful afternoon; Stephen and Jayne just called by for a natter.

Their boat has been having some work done but it’s almost finished off now.

I will be glad to see Mummy at the weekend. I’d been in care for a long time when she met me and there had been a few attempts at rehoming which hadn’t worked out. Like they say, I was drinking in the Last Chance Saloon when Mum took me on and straightened me out.

She really did save my life, which is why I love her more than anyone else in the whole wide world. Grandpa and Grandma are good to me, but Mum is the best.

Sorry, I’m a bit choked up so I’m going to go and lie down for a bit, until it’s teatime, in fact.

Loads of licks

Your friend


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