Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Better Bosley

After our slow run up Bosley the other week, today's was very straightforward, with no particular hassles at all. Starting off not long after half seven had meant that the road over the swing bridge was quite busy, but no drivers gave Sheila grief this time.

We'd managed to get a washload started before we reached the flight, so it was well finished by the time we reached the bottom.

It still took over four hours for the run, a long day's boating for us, and it was most of one o'clock by the time we'd tied at Buglawton. We've stopped one bridge earlier than usual, before 67, as the towpath between 67 and 68 looked a bit full.

Peter and Gill on Cala had been following us down the locks and passed as we were tying. Have a good run back, you two, and see you next year :) .

After lunch and a bit of a doze, I walked to the Co-op to get some meat and stuff to keep us going until we can shop at Etruria. I find that you can only leave the towpath at bridge 68; neither 66 or 67 have access, so the only obvious route to the shop is from 68 and down St. John's Road. Looking at Google maps just now, it seems there might be an alternative from 65, but the route through the housing estate is a bit more complex. Something to try next year, maybe.

It will involve walking downhill to get there and a bit of a slog back up with the shopping no matter which way you go, but then shopping from the Macc almost always does...

Tomorrow, we have an easier day to Scholar Green, before the passage of Harecastle Tunnel on Friday.

Incidentally, why are the Midlands canals built to a 7 foot gauge? Because James Brindley didn't fancy excavating Harecastle to 14 foot wide, which would have involved moving four times the amount of spoil.

(No, don't worry, Braidbar Owners, this will not be the basis of a quiz question next year ;) )

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