Saturday, 13 September 2014

At Barlaston

We've had a good run to Barlaston and a good lunchtime meet with Peter and Jan. We'd planned to try the Plume of Feathers, but their kitchen was closed, so we went to the Duke of York up the hill in the main village instead.

That was very nice, big emphasis on steaks, though. Good beer too.

After Peter and Jan had gone, who should turn up but Ann off Copperkins II, whom we know well from our OwnerShips days. We ended up on Copperkins drinking tea and nattering with Ann, Iain and their three collies who joined in enthusiastically.

We're not long back from there. Mobile signals are poor here and I'm having to work with the bow doors open and the 3 phone dangling in the cratch. It's getting a bit cold, so will leave this for now.

More tomorrow, hopefully.

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