Friday, 12 September 2014

Through the tunnel

We've been through Harecastle so many times now (at least twice a year for the past ten years) that it holds no terrors for us, but it's still nice to get it done. There are some key points on the canal system that effectively divide it up, and Harecastle is one of them. South of it is definitely not the same as north of it.

As a result of the tragedy earlier this year, they've tightened up on the safety briefing, but not introduced any further requirements. This seems sensible; it was, after all, the first death in the tunnel in living memory. If there was one requirement they might have added, it would be to have a light of some sort facing forward from the steering position, so that the changes in height remain visible after the tunnel light has passed under them.

We were the middle one of a convoy of three; I would happily have been at the back this time, as the following boat had a mega-powerful light which blinded me every time I glanced behind. You just do not need that much candlepower; it's pitch dark in there with no competing illumination and twenty or thirty watts is ample to show you the walls and roof.

Ho hum, never mind.

We've tied just short of Etruria Marina. We had planned to get a pump out in the morning, but Black Prince don't do them on Saturdays because they are turning round hire boats. They aren't open on Sundays, either.

Looks like either Aston or Great Haywood will get our custom; we've got several days space in the tank yet.

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