Monday, 8 September 2014

Back again

As usual, we've had a great weekend. The weather was a bit damp on Saturday, but never enough to be a problem. It was dry most of the time with occasional bursts of Scotch mist and an odd bit of drizzle.

After a slow start, we ended up with about the same number of visitors as previous years and one build slot was booked on the day. It seems likely that at least another couple of slots will be taken up in the next few weeks, so a good result from Peter's point of view.

The socialising went with a swing, too, and even the quiz was kindly tolerated by the long suffering members. Best of all, the charity auction raised over £1000 on the day, a figure which I know from experience will rise when I take into account the effect of folk rounding up their payments.

Yesterday was more relaxed; Des and I did a presentation on the work we've (well, mostly Des) have been doing towards a replacement for the highly unsatisfactory Yahoo group service, we discussed an Owners's Group flag/ensign/burgee and finally had a session of Boaters Question Time.

The afternoon was very relaxed and we finished the day with a Chinese meal for those still around.

Today, we've taken down the marquees whilst the final jobs were done on Sanity Again. The major item was replacing the cracked chimney collar. This involved some serious banging and drilling by Andy to get the old one out but it's done now with the exception of some reblacking.

Tonight we'll have a final meal in the Boar's Head and set off back tomorrow.

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