Friday, 19 September 2014

Cloudy in Alrewas

Having heard the referendum result and drunk a cup of tea, Sheila got us on the move whilst I got ready to face the day.

We got to Woodend lock a bit before eight; on the way I'd spotted a blunt brown head swimming across the cut. About halfway across it dived and a trail of bubbles showed its further progress; undoubtedly a vole returning to its burrow. I suggested to Sheila that the presence of voles might lead to the woods being classified as an SSSI, thus making the HS2 route avoid it, but she reminded me that there's an SSSI at Polesworth which hasn't saved it.

I think we crossed with boats at every lock between Woodend and Bagnall; indeed there was a queue below the latter. It did mean that there was plenty of space in Alrewas when we got here.

The radios showed their worth here: I'd taken over steering and Sheila walked on to find a good space just above the river lock. As we arrived, Peter and Janet were just moving Sanity into the lock.

The weather has turned cool and damp: I reckon we may have to light the Squirrel this evening.

Tomorrow, we'll have a final long day to Mercia: Elanor and Sally will be dog training as we arrive, probably.


KevinTOO said...

Hi Bruce & Sheila,
Scotland may have decided to stay, Alex Salmond has decided to go... So while you have been away and in the spirit of 'all change' I've imposed UDI in Derbyshire... Please present your passports for inspection at the Willington border control... LOL

KevinTOO said...

BTW it's nice to have you back again, welcome home :)

Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Kevin

It's good to be back!