Saturday, 20 September 2014

Home again

The problem with having a busy day, indeed a great one, is that it's hard to find the energy to blog about it!

Waking early, at five in fact, we had a leisurely tea in bed then got breakfast in time to get going at seven. This had the advantage of doing a lot of boating before pretty well anyone else was on the move.

It's such a well known run we can almost do it in our sleep; just as well, probably, in view of our dozy state.

By nine things were getting busier as we got towards the end of the locking. Sheila had run a washload as we went so as to have stuff ready to tumble on our arrival. It was around half twelve when we arrived; the dog training class was in full swing in the heritage field on the left of the access channel as you enter the marina.

I'm pleased to say that I managed the turn in, with Sheila's expert help, without hitting anything and embarrassing Sally. The approach to the pontoon wasn't quite as good, but you can't have everything. By the time we'd got tied, Elanor and Sally had joined us. After a late lunch, we got out the isolation transformer and connected up the shoreline.

Nothing happened. This was a bit ironic – I'd been a bit worried that the batteries were still taking a lot of charge from the alternator before we stopped and now I couldn't get the charger powered up.

By a process of elimination it emerged that the transformer wasn't performing at all. I've connected the shoreline without it for the time being – we can rely on the galvanic isolator for the moment. A phone call to Braidbar on Monday, methinks.

The batteries have finished charging in the usual way, so I was worrying to no purpose.

Situation normal, then.

We've given Sal a run in the field with her new toy; she likes it, but was too weary to play very much after an hour's training. An ice cream was very welcome, though.

The Boardwalk is looking great; a couple of the shops are already open, and much shop fitting is going on in the others.

Once our visitors had gone we popped into the office to sort some stuff and get an electric card.

Now for a quiet evening and hopefully a good night's sleep.

Tomorrow, we should have a rendezvous with John and Nev on Waimaru, a happy thought.

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