Sunday, 28 September 2014

Summer again?

It's been a superb September, very dry, not many windy days and often sunny. Although Thursday was cool, breezy and damp, as if the Indian summer was over, and the choice was “fleece or waterproof” when we went to Derby, the warm almost hot weather has returned since.

It's warmer outside now than it's been all day; even a sweatshirt would be too much. This made for pleasant working conditions when we were helping with the scrub bashing in the copse area by the canal. Since it was scheduled to start late morning, we'd grabbed the excuse to have a cooked breakfast in the Willow Tree first.

There was time between that and the volunteering to fix the fire extinguisher brackets. Needless to say, the screw holes for the old ones didn't match, but it wasn't too much of a problem to sort that with the aid of the trusty cordless drill/screwdriver.

After the work was done, some of us sat around outside the Still Waters shop consuming ice creams before retreating to our boats for a break. We've been quiet since then.

During the day we also bumped into Ian, Alison and Katy off Nobby. The boat is now on brokerage with ABNB, they having completed their planned five years aboard. It's a striking boat, well cared for and in the impressive Northwich tug style. If you wanted a new one like that, you'd have to wait quite a while and pay a good deal more than is being asked for Nobby.

Tomorrow, a day for doing stuff on the boat, methinks, like sorting the bow locker.

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