Monday, 29 September 2014

Taking advantage of the sun

We had a bit of a lie-in this morning, but then Sheila pointed out that the present weather is ideal for painting jobs and the like, and that we really really needed to get some wood treatment on the cratch board before the winter.

So as soon as breakfast was done, I set to and stripped off the fittings. Whilst I walked into the village for some perishable supplies, Sheila got on and masked off the adjoining surfaces and put the tunnel light in a bag.

On my return, it didn't take long to rub down the wood and use a tacky rag to clean it off. A coat of Ronseal Five Year wood stain was then applied. This left most of the wood looking fine, but it was apparent that the most exposed surfaces, those on the forward faces, would need a second go. The Ronseal is recoatable after four hours.

I spent the time sorting out the Acceptable Use Protocol for the new BOG website, and in catching up with the Indy. Meanwhile, Sheila was not idle; being Monday, there was a load of washing to be done. Several loads, indeed.

The second coat of Ronseal has now been applied. It will be touch dry by the time I've finished this, so I'll be able to take off the masking tape and refix the hinges. I won't actually put the doors back on or the cover back over until tomorrow however, to give the whole thing a chance to dry hard.

Jo James has just been round to say that Richard Parry is popping in; we might go and see what he makes of the Boardwalk.

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