Friday, 3 October 2014

A bit more done and pictures of the Boardwalk

Another lazy start, followed by some useful activity. As soon as our latish breakfast was over, I went on line to order a repeat prescription and to set up an Ocado order for next Tuesday. Then I walked into the village for supplies to keep us going until then whilst Sheila made a start on rinsing the side of the boat.

We'd seen from the forecast that the warm weather really is about to end and we wanted to get a coat of polish on the starboard side.

When I got back we had a quick coffee then started work again. It took just over an hour to get it done; the mains polisher makes a massive difference to the ease of the job and to the final finish.

After lunch, we ambled round to Midland Chandlers as it was their Freaky Friday with a 20% discount on everything. They'd sold out of the oil that I wanted, but I got an oil filter.

Walking round the Boardwalk beforehand reminded me that I'd promised some photos of it in the final phase of preparation for the openings next week. Three of the boutiques are trading already; beauty treatments, fashion accessories and clothes can now be bought.

The Bistro and the Farm Shop both have an informal opening next Monday, with the Grand Opening weekend immediately following. I've been back there today with the iPad to take some shots:

View from the patio outside the Bistro:

The sensory garden:

The five sided bandstand (almost):

and its roof:

Car park access to the Bistro:

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KevinTOO said...

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for the Boardwalk update and photos... posh init!! LOL
I guess if the farm shop is up to standard that'll hurt Betty's takings :(
Oh well that's a free market for you.