Saturday, 4 October 2014


I've written before about an engaging feature of the marina, the fish and chip van that calls every Friday. Previously the pattern has been for the van to drive round the marina to Block 3, serve whoever is waiting there and then work back round to Blocks 2 and 1. I don't know why it's arranged this way; when we were on Grebe it meant that we had to wait longer for our supper, but it would still be by seven, usually.

Last night, I got in position by Block 3 at around six, and stood chatting to the others waiting. And we chatted, and chatted, and chatted.

It turned out that the moorers at Block 1 had made the van stop and serve them first, then the same thing happened at Block 2. So we didn't see him until seven. As I say, it's no big deal, seven is our usual feeding time anyway, but it would have been nice to know that things had changed.

Never mind after this weekend, we'll have the option of eating at the Bistro instead... ;)

We had a quiet start this morning; the weather was indeed wet and windy and I lit the Squirrel mid-morning. Just after 11, Elanor dropped a chicken off with us for tonight and then went to dog training with Sally.

After lunch, we all went round to Barley Close to have a look at a problem tap in the bathroom. It turned out that the gland had pretty well seized so a quick trip to B&Q was indicated.

We're back at the boat now with the prospect of roast chicken tonight, yum.

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