Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Intermittently soggy

I'd originally booked Ocado to deliver yesterday, but the forecast looked much drier for this morning, so I moved it. This proved to be a bit of a mistake, as yesterday was comparatively dry and we've had sunny spells (short) interspersed with heavy showers (long) for most of today. I think October is making up for the historically dry September, as often happens.

Thanks to the Law according to Sod, Thomas the driver of the apple van rang just as the most intense of these bursts occurred, and I had no choice but to fling on a waterproof and head round to the vehicle gate. Once I'd let him through, and now that I was soaked to the skin below the waist, the downpour stopped, naturally.

Back at the boat, I left Sheila taking the goodies on board whilst I went and put on the second set of clean clothes of the day.

No matter, the grub was all present and correct as usual.

The rain managed to hold off long enough this afternoon for us to walk down to the surgery and pharmacy and collect a supply of medication for the next two months.

Meantime, the roof of the bandstand was being craned into place. Since it's hexagonal, it made for an interesting craning challenge; I don't think I've ever seen five strops depending from one crane hook before.

The rain has now returned with a vengeance, bringing some thunder with it for company. I'm just glad we're not scheduled to run Sally tonight, having done so last night.

She's actually started to bring the frisbee back and trade it for a treat. Previously, if you tried to get her to do that, you got a look which said “I am not a stupid retriever; you threw it away, you can fetch it back!”

It's amazing, the power of a small piece of hot dog sausage.

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