Thursday, 9 October 2014

Less soggy, more windy

Although the weather's been much drier, it's still very windy and it's been another day for largely lurking indoors. I'd bought some six seed bread flour in The Butcher, The Baker the other day, together with some of that quick yeast that doesn't need a starter, so I decided to make some lunchtime rolls with it today.

In my experience, bread making isn't hard and doesn't take up a huge amount of time, but you do have to be around all morning to deal with the various stages, unless you use a bread machine. We did have one of those once, but it took up too much space for the amount of use it was getting. Anyway, kneading the dough is good exercise.

I'm pleased to say that the bread turned out very well:

Pity you can't smell it. It tasted good, too.

In the intervals of mixing, kneading, knocking back and baking, I got the batteries topped up. They didn't take a lot of water, always reassuring, and probably won't take very much at all now whilst they are on the shoreline. I'll still check them every month, though.

This afternoon we took advantage of the fact that the next tenants for the lodge don't arrive until Sunday to watch The Gondoliers on the big(ish) screen in there, highly enjoyable.

Tomorrow is our last quiet day before the Grand Opening weekend for the Boardwalk. We're manning a stand promoting the lodges, so let's hope for some quieter weather...

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