Sunday, 19 October 2014

Like I said, quiet

Today turned out to be as quiet as expected, which can be a bit of a let down, but it's Sunday, so not much to be done about it. Don't know what I did wrong with the chicken pasta last night, it tasted just fine, put too much parmesan on it maybe (very salty) or perhaps we'd not had enough exercise during the day or it was the warm night (in October?), but we both slept not very well (that's an average of my having a restless night and Sheila a really bad one).

Anyway, got up late(ish) and pottered about setting up an Ocado order and clearing the sink drains before Elanor and Sally came across.

(To clear the sink drains when they've gone a bit slow: close the seacock where the drain goes through the skin fitting, boil a kettle of water and pour it into both sinks. If you only have one sink, pour it all into that. Leave for a little while, taking the opportunity to scrub the bottoms of the sink with the washing up brush, then reopen the seacock. You'll find that doing this means pushing your arm against the bottom of one of the sinks which is still full of near boiling water, so don't hang about as waiting times in A&E are very long at the weekend. The hot water will drain quickly away leaving a shiny sink and the problem solved.)

We gave Sal a good run with the frisbee then they had to leave as Elanor had a riding lesson. Had lunch then walked round the marina, stopping to buy some frozen peas to go with tonight's sausages.

Followed a quiet afternoon before waking in time to put some non-slip stuff under the water pump. It sits on a board with sound absorbing foam under it to stop the vibration echoing through the boat, but lately it's been walking about until the edge of the board comes up against the nearby bulkhead, whereupon the vibration...

Elanor has just rung to say that one of the horses she's been riding is leaving the stable and they are running short of big horses suitable for adult women. If anyone has a big horse and wants to know where they could put it at working livery, she'd love to hear from them.

I bought two books for my birthday. Steven Pinker's The Sense of Style (a style guide written by a psycholinguist with an international reputation) and Terry Pratchett's A Slip of The Keyboard, a collection of loads of non-fiction shorts written over all the years he's been a professional scribe. Both are very good, but looking at what I've just perpetrated up there, I know which is having more effect on my own style at the moment...

Tomorrow, busy busy again into Derby, so the blog may be a) late and b) brief.

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