Saturday, 18 October 2014

Keeping busy, mostly

A mixed sort of day today, with a lazy start, a busy middle and a quiet afternoon. Having taken our time getting going, we pottered round to the farm shop for some meat and a loaf of bread then came back to the boat to do bits and pieces.

Sheila is working on a crochet order and I had a piece to write on Sally's behalf, describing her impressions of the dog training class for the marina newsletter. I'd finally had a chance to chat to her about it yesterday, once she'd had a decent run in the field.

I just got that done in time for lunch, after which we went round to the office to meet Steve and Carol and show them round a couple of lodges. That turned into a very good session; they were clearly very interested in the proposition and we spent a good hour and a half with them.

Once we'd got back, it was time to listen to Under Milk Wood on Radio 4, a composite production using the orginal Richard Burton recording of First Voice but with modern actors in the other roles. It was very good indeed, though I fear that the combination of a toasty warm boat and recent exercise meant that I may have missed some of it.

I've now had a restorative cup of tea and am functioning more or less as normal.

OK, as normal as I ever get.

Chicken pasta tonight, methinks, and another quietish day tomorrow before a trip into Derby on Monday.

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