Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Serious lurking

It didn't rain as much as expected overnight, but that apart, the forecast has been all too correct today. We've still got a lot of wind out there and the rain has come and gone, but been extremely fierce when present.

Despite this, stuff has got done, mostly inside the boat. I completed my tasks for the new Owners' Group site, mainly during the morning but finishing off this afternoon. Sheila has been getting on with the laundry, trying to time her trips to the facilities block to use the tumble drier to avoid the precipitation.

We did escape long enough to take a brisk walk round the marina, just making it back before the rain came on again. There had been a brief power cut whilst we were out, as a result of which the over-current breaker on the pole had popped for our supply. It does this sometimes but only if the immersion heater is on. I guess that the breaker is just a little sensitive and that the surge through the heater starting up is enough to blow it.

I've left the heater off for the moment until the storm has passed.

Sheila is now doing some accounting chores whilst I've been finishing off Steven Pinker on Style. It's a very good book but be prepared for some decent brain work if you try it.

Having eaten Pad Thai yesterday, we've not had our meat free day this week yet, so we're having the other half of last week's bean curry tonight.

Things look brighter tomorrow which is a relief for Sheila who has to go to the surgery for a flu jab in the afternoon.

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