Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Getting on with stuff

Now that the wind has died down and it's sensible to go out again, we've been able to get on with stuff. After a lazy start we pottered in the boat for an hour or so then took a walk round the marina, including the Boardwalk.

We were due for a meeting in the marina office at eleven, but got there a bit early. It meant we were able to take advantage of their kind offer of a mug of coffee before settling down to discuss the lessons to be learnt from our manning of the lodges stand at the Grand Opening weekend.

That felt very productive both from the point of view of advertising the remaining lodges for sale and discussing further promotion of the rentals. It's good to feel we are contributing to the success of the marina in this way.

We got away around half twelve and stopped in at the Farm Shop for some veg and a litre of milk before getting back to the boat for lunch.

Afterwards, I caught up with some entries for the Pub Guide whilst Sheila set off to walk to the surgery for a flu jab. I finished in time to update the Ocado order which is arriving tomorrow and to get the dinner on its way. We're having a casserole of shin beef in ale, so it needs a long slow cook in the oven to be at its best.

I was even able to make a start on the washing up before Sheila got back and took over, allowing me to do this this blog post, albeit a bit later than usual.

Tomorrow, Ocado, then we've got a quieter time for the weekend and next week.

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