Thursday, 23 October 2014

Steady as she goes

Racheal delivered the Ocado order in very good time today, and found her way round to the vehicle gate without diverting into any of the car parks. So either a) my instructions to the driver have improved, b) the new signs which are going up at the moment are doing the job or c) women are better at following directions than men.

Or a combination of all three, of course, since that's a classic case of what experimentalists call confounding variables. Anyway, you lot can take your pick...

I'll try and take some photos of the signs for tomorrow's effort.

Having been delivered just on ten, we got all the goodies put away in time for a slightly late coffee at quarter to eleven then pottered about until lunch.

After indulging ourselves with Melton Mowbray pork pie and mugs of soup, and having had a suitable post prandial rest, we took a walk round the marina and dumped some recycling on the way.

Sheila's feeling a bit peely-wally* after her flu jab, so we took our time about it, calling in at the shop to order some more smokeless fuel and at the marina office to discuss this and that. We may well end up manning a stand promoting the lodges at the Christmas Fair at the end of November. Could be fun as long as the snow holds off...

Back at the boat we had a cup of tea and Sheila tried on a new pair of boots she had ordered from Cotswold Outdoor a couple of days ago and which were waiting for us in the office. They look fine, a pair of Hi-Tecs with full leather uppers and bellows tongue for a very reasonable price.

Tomorrow looks like being another quiet day; indeed, we've no special commitments until the week after next, a bit of a change given the way things have been since we got back to the marina.

*peely-wally: Scots for not feeling or looking in the best of health.

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