Thursday, 30 October 2014

Taking time but getting there

Looking back, I see that this cold has been a feature for six days now, which is frankly a bit boring for all of us. Never mind, we're nearly there; I'm feeling almost back to what passes for normal for me, and Sheila is making steady progress.

It's helped that the weather today has been very mild again, encouraging us to get out and about both in the morning and just after lunch. We did some necessary shopping after breakfast; tissues, firelighters, milk, that sort of thing and had a perambulation round the marina this afternoon.

Sheila wore her new boots for the first time and is very pleased with them. A decent pair of boots helps with her sore toes and she was noticeably quicker walking with them on. As we approached Facilities Block 1 we came across Peter and Janet from the other Sanity and had a good old natter with them about this, that and the other thing. Enjoy your trip to Florida, guys – just watch out for hurricanes... ;)

There's a decorative wall going up on each side of the main entrance to the marina just now; it's very good of the marina owners to provide us with something else to gawp at now that the Boardwalk is to all intents and purposes finished. This wall looks a bit fierce at the moment, being a concrete block construction reminiscent of the Berlin Wall that came down just 25 years ago; it's been christened the Great Wall of Mercia.

I understand that it's to be clad in wood when finished and no doubt will look a lot less menacing then!

I'll try and remember to take some photos of it tomorrow.

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