Friday, 31 October 2014

Amazingly warm day

They reckon that it's the warmest Hallowe'en since records began, and I shouldn't be surprised. We've been walking round the marina without coats on all day. Apart from our continuing slow improvement – I'm still coughing and spluttering a bit and Sheila's joined me in that stage, necessitating the consumption of Victory V's – there's not a great deal to report except for the continuing construction of the Great Wall of Mercia:

It's said to be at its final height or thereabouts and should look a lot better once wooden clad and with planting in front of it.

The other thing to mention is the arrival of our neighbours on Y20. A brand new Aqua bespoke boat, Inkling is owned by Peter and Melanie who seem very pleasant people indeed. They are long term Mercia moorers, having sold Eunoia to buy Inkling.

They've spent the afternoon washing and polishing:

I'm pleased to say that I spotted the literary reference in the name of their new boat; the Inklings was the name of a group of friends who, between the wars, met regularly in the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford to discuss their current writing, a sort of early writers support group.

Since it included CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien, it could be said to have been rather more successful than most such, though Tolkien at least continued to have terrible trouble actually finishing his projects. It's a wonder that The Lord of the Rings ever made it into print at all and we only know about his other works such as The Silmarillion because of their post mortem publication after editing by his son Christopher.

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