Friday, 17 October 2014

What a difference

... a day makes. After yesterday's loafing around, it's been all go today.

First off, the bistro meal. Main thing to say is that it was very good, well cooked and presented and reasonably priced for the kind of place it is. That is, a bit trendy with industrial chic decor, exposed cabling trays and air con units and the like, and a short but enterprising menu.

The service was brisk and efficient, almost too much so, but friendly and informed. Sheila's Scotch egg starter was a real hit, a duck egg in pork and black pudding sausage meat moistened with port and a bit of salad to go with it. Add a side of chips and it would make a good lunchtime meal. My carrot and coriander soup was the weakest item, heavily over-creamed so that all the other flavours were obscured, even the fresh coriander.

It was served in a half pint enamel mug with good fresh bread but left the appetite not so much stimulated as smothered. This was a shame as my wild game bourguignon was delicious. Sheila appreciated her chicken supreme too, though the parsnip mash potatoes didn't taste of much parsnip.

Desserts are very heavy again; next time I'll settle for cheese, I think. We shared a triple tasting dish of two kinds of chocolate mousse, dark and white, and some treacle sponge which was supposed to be cheesecake.

All in all, a good hour's worth of entertainment and feed for less than £25 per head even before the moorer's 5% discount.

Today, we've been for a pump out and diesel and I've done the end of season oil and filter change, including scampering over to Midland Chandlers when I discovered I was short of oil.

Jo popped in with a belated birthday card and some excellent beer to drink with it; Jo you are a great friend and thank you!

This afternoon, we've seen quite a lot of Elanor, first off discussing a new phone contract with her and then, later after she'd been into Burton, exercising Sally. They've gone off with Sheila to see Geoff, Mags and Meg on Seyella whilst I catch up with this. Seyella is just in for the weekend so it's good to have a chance to catch up with them.

Tomorrow, a bit quieter again, probably.


Nev Wells said...

Happy belated the government are returning a little back to you the Bistro may well be a local weekly treat ?

Take care

Nev &Rachel

Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks both!

Sorry to be slow responding; Blogger was playing silly B's last night.

I don't see us using the bistro every week, a bit too posh for that, like the Dragon. Good for celebrations though. They are now offering champagne breakfasts...

All the best