Sunday, 9 November 2014

Another pleasant Sunday

It's been a busy day and I'm feeling a bit dopey after a very pleasant meal out, so forgive me if this blog is a bit short. Come to think of it, there might not be one at all tomorrow; I've got my appointment for a root canal treatment in the afternoon, will be late back and unlikely to be in the mood for English composition.

This morning, Sheila went off for her WeBS walk whilst Elanor and I took Sally to the copse for a good old charge about and rummage. It was a fine morning after the mist had burnt off, though apparently not many birds were seen. We'd normally expect the winter visitors to show up by now, but the warm weather hasn't encouraged them to come south yet, I guess.

Gadwall and Tufted Duck were spied on the pool in the South Field, but even the Canada Geese were in short supply in the marina itself.

After all that, Elanor left us to go riding whilst Sheila and I were taken out for Sunday lunch and a quiz planning session by Jo and Wynne. We went to the John Thompson Inn, where you can drink beer brewed on the premises and eat some excellent beef.

We had a very good time indeed and even got the quiz planned; thank you folks, that was a seriously good idea.

We're now relaxing and planning a quiet evening. There's an Ocado delivery scheduled for the morning, then I set off to travel to Alrewas by bus at 12.25 for a 2.30 appointment. It's a very good dentist in Alrewas, but we are going to have to organise ourselves a nearer one once the next round of check ups is done.

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Jo said...

Wynne said "Great food, great company". It was a lovely outing!