Saturday, 8 November 2014

Dog to dog blog: things are very weird

Mum and I have come to the boat for the weekend so that I can have a break from guarding the house against the firework monsters, but stuff is going on here as well. In fact I'm having a very weird couple of days.

It all started so well with a seriously long lie in yesterday before we set off to collect Grandpa and take him to the dentist 'cos he was moaning about what he called a grumbling tooth. Trouble was, the weather was chucking it down, there was an accident on one of the roads and we ended up driving round and round the side roads with Grandpa twitching and muttering like a collie having a bad dream.

When we finally got to Alrewas, he disappeared and we just sat around in the car, water still cascading down the windows, a total waste of time. Then after a bit it was back to the house to get our overnight stuff, but still I was left in the car!

At last we got to the boat where finally I got let out and things looked up a bit. One of my admirers, Jo, was there talking to Granny so I got some appreciation at last.

Not a bad night, the fireworks monsters stayed away mostly and I got some decent kip with Mummy. This morning seemed to be back to normal, except it was all wet again (what are these humans up to with the weather?) and I did get to snuggle with the AGPs before we all got up.

Then it was all weird again, off to the library from the boat and a run on the washlands in the wet. I ended up soaked, soaked I tell you and did I get towelled off?


Then people wonder why I'm pacing about 'cos I'm feeling all itchy and restless and the humans are just sat around reading stuff and taking very little notice of me.

Blagged two apple cores and a carrot from Grandpa at lunch and finally, finally persuaded them to take me for a walk round the marina. Had a brief chat with Ruby – she's staying in the marina for a few days with her boss, Dangerous Dave.

Back at the boat it was at least a bit warm again, but there was yet more reading by the humans so I've taken to pacing about a bit as a sort of hint. But now, there's weird music coming from somewhere nearby.

The AGPs say it's just next door practising, but how can you be sure? It's just so weird, I tell you...

You guys all watch out these dark nights, it's weird out there!

Loads of licks

Your friend


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Anonymous said...

Sallleee - so good to hear from you again. That all sounds very weird but then it has been halloween and the clocks have changed so we're probably in a new dimension or something...

Hope the fizz bangs stop soon - Ty and Ollie DO NOT approve, and neither does our guest hound (currently Big Sid) - its like a motel here, hounds popping in and out at will, first it was Archie and Henry, then Herbie, now Sid - who's next I wonder??

Glad that you're well, has grandad made you any nice low-calorie treats recently - an apple core sounds a bit shabby frankly!


Sue and the Indigo Dreamers