Monday, 24 November 2014

Back to normal Monday

After a very good weekend with the family, we've been spending Monday doing Monday type stuff. Main highlight of the night was the engine room smoke alarm chirping every 40 seconds because its battery was low. At least it has a replaceable one, so I could just take it out (after I'd moved the other smoke alarm having blamed it unfairly) and we could get back to sleep.

Sheila's been getting on top of the washing (nearly said getting on top of the laundry, but that led to a very odd image ;)) ) whilst I pottered about doing this and that. We had a shopping trip this morning for a mixture of routine groceries, an electric card and a birthday card for Graeme.

I also got a replacement battery for the smoke alarm from Chrissie in Still Waters. Back at the boat it was the work of a moment to pop it in the alarm... which promptly started chirping again before I'd even had time to put it back on its mounting plate. Worried that there was a problem with the alarm, I took the battery out again and checked it with the multimeter.

It was struggling to reach 8 volts never mind the 9 it's rated for. In fact the old battery had a higher voltage than the new one. Chrissie swapped it for me, commenting that it came from a boxful she'd only just bought. This one I tested before taking it out of the packaging and it was no better. Chrissie gave me a refund when I returned it, naturally; it looks as if she's been sold a duff batch of batteries.

Midland Chandlers also stock Duracell, so I've got one from there instead. When I told Matt the story, he tested this one in front of me. 9.38 volts is much more what you'd expect and the alarm is happy again.

We're having a meat free Monday tonight, with the other half of last week's bean curry, the one I call Chennai curry 'cos it's Bean Madras.



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