Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Odd Tuesday

Tom Hayes was due to arrive at ten, so although we didn't have a very early start, we didn't loaf around much either. As it turned out, we got a call from him at half nine, just as we were finishing breakfast, to say that he'd got a problem with another commitment and couldn't make it today. He's coming on Friday afternoon instead.

So we had a relaxed morning after all. Sheila finished drying the last wash load from yesterday and I had completed reading the paper by lunchtime.

Elanor's been a bit under the weather with the head cold Sheila and I had a couple of weeks ago. She's had to have time off work as the nausea and dizziness of the early phase made driving a bad idea and spreadsheet manipulation an even worse one. She'd recovered enough with the aid of quantities of industrial strength Lem-Sip to drive over here after lunch.

Meanwhile, Sheila and I had rigged the pressure washer that Elanor had brought over on Saturday and were well on with washing the finger pontoon when daughter and dog arrived. Leaving Sheila to finish the pontoon, Elanor and I walked Sally to the fields and gave her half an hour's work out with the aid of the frisbee.

By the finish, Sally was trying to hide the frisbee from us rather than bring it back and could be seen standing with her chest heaving. When she starts looking for bunny poo to scoff rather than doing frisbee zoomies, you know that she's well exercised. ;))

Elanor stayed for a restorative cup of strawberry and mango tea with us and has just set off home.

We've got a quiet evening ahead and not a lot on tomorrow. It's deliberately planned that way as the weather forecast is for substantial amounts of rain. If it dries up in the afternoon, I'll walk down to the surgery to collect a repeat prescription; I'm still trying to get all the items correct on it, so may have to arrange for a telephone consultation with one of the GPs if it's still not right.

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