Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Busy again, sort of

Having been told to expect a phone call about my BP meds sometime today, it was necessary to be reasonably compos mentis from about eight, a slightly early hour for us these days. We're definitely running on winter time now.

Naturally, no phone call has been received, which probably means that the medic, on being consulted, decided that my current BP is good enough. This is fine by me as it saves further hassle with follow up appointments and the like.

This morning's major task was to get a new gas cylinder. As part of my post diabetic review resolution to get a bit more exercise, we put the empty on the folding truck and wheeled it all the way to the shop where we swapped it for a full one. Taking that back to the boat meant wheeling it further than we had to when moored on Grebe, but with far fewer gradients, so the total effort is much the same.

I connected it up as soon as we got back only to discover that I couldn't get the connection to make a gas tight seal. Regular readers may recall that I had this problem with the last one but finally managed to make it work. This time, it resisted all my efforts. The high pressure hoses are due for replacement anyway; I suspect that the connectors are a bit worn and so tricky to seal.

Consulting fellow moorer Paul, who works for one of the hire bases, produced the recommendation to get Tom Hayes in. I've called his mobile number and left a message. We would benefit from having a bubble tester fitted and may well ask him to do that at the same time.

Other tasks today were wrapping some Christmas presents (Sheila) and further work on the new Owners' website (me).

Elanor and Sal are coming round for a walk later on; I've dug out our hi-vis vests in anticipation. It's a bit dark out there and even with Sally's flashing light collar we're not that visible to the cars on the perimeter road.

I'm off to the dentist tomorrow, so any blogging will be quite brief.

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