Monday, 17 November 2014

Busy start to the week

Up betimes and getting to grips with the morning's tasks was the name of the game today. After breakfast, we divided our forces; I went to the Farm Shop for bread and potatoes whilst Sheila, having got a washload on, went up to the lodge to do some final checks before the tenants arrived.

I joined her there and we put the bed back together; the repair has worked, though that leg is still not quite as strong as the others. We'll just have to see how it stands up to use. There's no risk of a collapse, the leg just looks untidy if it's canted over at an angle.

Back at the boat, there was time for a quick coffee before I headed off to the surgery for my review. This went generally well, all tests satisfactory, foot tickling session OK and so on. My weight seems quite stable, even. As always, my BP was regarded as marginally high, so the nurse is going to discuss me with one of the medics. An increase in one of the meds may happen.

When I was first diagnosed, the target BP was 140/90 and that I can manage without too much difficulty, but the current one is to keep the diastolic under 80. This, for some reason, I just can't quite make despite taking a small pharmacopeia of meds.

Heigh ho.

After lunch, we took a walk round the marina and have spent the rest of the day quietly, doing IT stuff (me) and the laundry (Sheila).

The weather's been quite wintry, cold and damp, so sausage and mash tonight, methinks. Maybe another big pan of soup is needed for later in the week.

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