Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Getting a lot done

The weather has indeed been pretty unpleasant today, with rain first thing and then an on-and-off drizzle contributing to a mood of soggy misery out there. In those circumstances, we've largely stayed indoors, with a walk round the marina first thing to get some shopping at Still Waters and the Farm Shop. We also called in at the office to discuss some things to do with next weekend's Christmas Market at which we are manning a stall promoting the lodges.

Back at the boat, we had a coffee and then carried on with chores. Sheila typed up some text tags to print out and laminate for the lodges stall and I investigated a slight leak of oil from the underside of the pressure washer. Unfortunately, the washer's casing is held on by Allen screws at the bottom of quite deep holes and I didn't have an Allen key long enough to get down to them.

Peering in through the base, it looks as if one of the sealed bearings on the pump is weeping, in which case there wouldn't have been much I could do anyway. It's a cheapo washer that's well over ten years old, so it doesn't owe me much. We'll put an oil absorbing mat under it whilst using it to stop it contaminating whatever it's standing on. When the bearing runs out of oil, it will seize, no doubt, and that will be that.

After lunch and a bit of post-prandial eye relaxation on my part, Sheila took her print outs to the office to use their guillotine to slice them up whilst I got a beef in ale casserole in the oven, using some shin I bought from the Farm Shop the other day.

When Sheila got back, we laminated the text strips and had a cup of tea. I've not been to the surgery for my prescription; that can wait until tomorrow afternoon after the Ocado order comes in the morning. I've also had a load of entries for the Pub Guide come in and will want to get those done sometime.

Once I've done this post, Sheila's going to cut my hair and, after trimming my beard to match, I shall have a shower to get rid of the bits.


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

There's nothing like sitting down with a cup of tea after a hard day's work and catching up on your blog, just to ensure that everything is still alright with the world. And a beard bonus tonight!

Your loyal reader


Bruce in Sanity said...

GG, it's always good to hear from my RR!

If you were the only one, it would still be worthwhile posting for your sake.

Take care and licks from Sally