Friday, 21 November 2014

Getting ready for tomorrow

It's been a busy day, one way and another. After a reasonably relaxed start, we walked round the marina to get to the shops the long way round. The forecast showed rain this afternoon – which has indeed turned up – so we wanted to get the exercise in early.

Still Waters provided some basic veg, fruit and biscuits as well as a sheet of wrapping paper. In the marina office we collected some post and picked up a week's worth of WiFi access. We now offer this to lodge tenants as part of their rental and this weekend is our first chance to check out the reception in the lodge. It's just as well that we did, as the 3 phone connection's been running slow and has flattened its battery, so I'm using the marina wifi in the boat to post this.

The Farm Shop provided some more fruit and veg. Pete was busy pressure washing the pontoon just by Sanity Again when we got back, a welcome sight as the surface has been getting very greasy when wet, so we went up to the lodge for a bit.

Here we switched off the fridge freezer and set it up to defrost as well as doing one or two other tasks. Returning to the boat, we had lunch and a bit of relaxation before I had a burst of cooking. Firstly, I put the chicken Elanor brought last night into the stock pot with various bits and pieces and started it heating.

Meanwhile, I prepared a venison casserole for tomorrow night, popping it into the oven for a long slow cook.

Once the chick had had its twenty minutes boil I fished it out and left it to cool. When I've done this blog, I'm going to make cock-a-leekie soup with a great load of leeks from the Farm Shop. Leaving the casserole in the oven, we nipped back through the rain to the lodge and finished off cleaning the freezer so that it could be restarted. In the interim, the cleaning team had been through and left the lodge ready for occupation again.

It's now chucking it down out there, so we hope that the forecast is correct and tomorrow will be drier.

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