Thursday, 20 November 2014

More stuff done

Yesterday went reasonably well; Sunil Parmar at Alrewas is a very careful and thorough worker and almost entirely painless. He even took a final X-ray to demonstrate that the root canal filling was free of voids and such. It's just a pity I couldn't hang about to admire it – the 14.40 bus was due and I was determined to catch it if at all possible.

In the event, I'd been at the stop less than two minutes before it arrived, which is a bit finer than you want to cut it with public transport running once an hour. On the other hand, the bus in question, rather than the ancient double decker on which I'd come, was a state of the art single decker, mock leather seats and free wifi and all.

I had just on an hour to kill in Burton before getting the V3 back to Willington. For once, it was ten minutes late.

This morning, we made a reasonably prompt start with the idea of getting to the service wharf before the Shakespeare guys did. It wasn't to be; Paul and colleague were there when we turned up so we had to settle for the front location, which means a less secure mooring with the bow sticking across the entrance of the dry dock and then reversing back to the corner to wind when we've finished.

No matter, there wasn't a breath of wind for once, and it all went very smoothly. Reberthing back at Yellowhammer happened without incident too, despite now having Inkling alongside so that I have to hit the slot exactly. Since there were no onlookers, it went without a hitch.

Once we were tied and snugged up, I gave Tom Hayes another call and caught him in. He's coming to have a look at the job next Tuesday morning and sounds to be a very decent guy.

It was now ten thirty, so we went to the front to order some solid fuel from Still Waters, buy a new pump out token from the office (and to volunteer to cook chicken legs for the Christmas Fuddle) and to get some bread from the Farm Shop.

Whilst in the latter establishment, I changed the size of the turkey crown we'd ordered to 5 lb. As we're taking it to Lincoln to Graeme and Cathy's, rather than eating it with just Elanor, it needs to be a bit bigger than the original 3 lb.

After lunch we tried a new exercise regime. Sheila's walking speed is a bit held back with her bad toes which doesn't help my BP. So now we set off together but I crack on and see if I can get round twice before she makes one circuit of the marina. I nearly made it this time and had certainly elevated my heart rate in so doing, literally the object of the exercise.

We've been quieter since; Elanor and Sal are coming to visit again tonight, making a pleasing end to a good couple of days. Oh, and the fuel's been delivered already ;)

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