Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Good news but a lot of waiting around

For the first time this winter, we left the central heating turned on all night, so that it started up at seven this morning and woke us up (actually, I was awake already, but you take the point). We were able to have a reasonably relaxed start as a result and walked down to the bus stop in good time for the 9.25.

That in turn made good time to Littleover where we just missed a Royal Derby bus; not a problem as they run every ten minutes. I checked into the clinic at ten, fifteen minutes ahead of the appointed time. Unfortunately, for once they were running late and it wasn't until quarter to eleven that I even had the routine eye test and moved through to the next waiting room.

However, once I was seen, things were good; my eyes are fine with the pressures still well under control. I don't need to be seen for three months and have my fingers crossed for a longer gap again if all is still well then. I've not yet had a reduction in the number of drops I'm using, but the guy who saw me did change the prescription for one of them, the Ganfort, to a preservative-free version to see if that reduces the inflammation I'm getting.

The downside of that, of course, was that we had to hang about the out-patient pharmacy for three quarters of an hour to get the first pack of nifty little individual pipettes, so lunch was a tad late; Greek again and very tasty.

A raid on Sainsbury's completed our business in Derby and we had maybe twenty minutes to hang about the bus station before catching the 14.00 back to the marina.

As may be imagined, we've been pretty quiet since...

An early night tonight, methinks, and a lazy day tomorrow.

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