Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Another fine day

It's been another of these very pleasant days both weather and activity wise. Although much cooler than before, it's stayed dry and, once the mist had cleared away, very sunny. As a result it's been a pleasure to get on with the various chores. The launch of the new Owners' Group website seems to be going OK, with only the odd hiccup.

Sheila's been able to carry on with the laundry and is continuing to make progress fighting off the wretched cold, though we had to buy another box of tissues this morning.

We've had a couple of walks round the marina and looked in at Midland Chandlers for a net of kindling – which they still didn't have. So we went back to Still Waters, to discover that instead of the previous rather expensive offering of a smallish poly bag of sticks, they too are now selling kindling in nets. It's smaller and cheaper than the MC one but probably about the same value. You just have to buy one more often.

So MC's dilatoriness in managing their stock has lost them at least one sale and possibly my routine custom. Apart from this excitement, there's not a lot to report; tomorrow, we're off into Derby again to the Eye Clinic and then into town shopping.

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