Thursday, 13 November 2014

Not again...

Last night's quiz was a toughie but very enjoyable. Our new partners, Peter and Katie of Uriah Heep, proved a good fit, with complementary areas of expertise to our own. I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did; I think so.

We scored 61 out of a possible 80, respectable, but not a winning score, I thought.

Except we did :)

As I say, a tough quiz. As it was all in aid of Help for Heroes, there was no cash prize, but we were presented with a drum of sweets instead. Cadbury's Heroes, naturally. Peter and Katie are off to Australia for an extended holiday very soon, so insisted on us taking the chocs. They are really nice folk.

We are already committed to setting next month's quiz after winning last month; the winning team of that one will set January's then Peter, Katie and ourselves will be responsible for February's when the wanderers have returned. Note to self:

Don't win January's quiz! This shouldn't be a problem. In three years of doing them every month through the winter, we've only won twice and been runners up once. It's just that the two wins have come together.

After all the excitement, we had a lazy start this morning, walked round the marina, visited the Farm Shop for some meat and have spent the rest of the day hiding from blustery rain storms in the boat. As usual when I've been critical of a commercial operation, I emailed the Boardwalk Pub management to ask if they wanted to make any comments, but haven't had a reply yet.

Elanor and Sal are coming round later, so some more exercise will be had, although Sal may well protest at the conditions, knowing her. It gets down your ears, wind and rain, you know...

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