Thursday, 11 December 2014

A quieter day

The weather continues wintry, with a biting cold wind and occasional rain showers. It's forecast to turn seriously wet by six, so Elanor may cry off and come tomorrow instead; Sally seriously objects to being walked in the rain, being as it gets down her ears.

The calendar printing came to a premature end yesterday, as the new colour cartridge ran out before we'd got all six copies done. I've got another set of cartridges on order; fortunately we'd done the copies we needed first, although the cover has had to be redesigned in a black and white theme. It's a photo of a heron standing on a stern fender with a fish in its beak, so it looks fine in greyscale.

Well, a lot better than a purple overcast, which is what the colour was coming out as. There are purple herons, but not in this country.

We had a good night's kip and a leisurely start, though not as delayed as some mornings recently. A trip to the shop let us restock with milk, spread and firelighters and I took the opportunity to order some more solid fuel; we're fairly getting through it in this weather.

Back at the boat we had a pottering about session, though I did stir myself to get the stove sorted, emptying the ash and refilling the scuttle. We also refilled the water tank, just in nice time before lunch.

The fuel arrived whilst all this was going on; since Grahame and Chrissie took over the shop, deliveries have been more frequent as Grahame is there all the time. John had his own business to run so could only deliver at weekends.

This afternoon saw us taking separate walks round the marina; I did two brisk circuits whilst Sheila put in one slower one. Apart from that, it's been a lazy time in the boat, keeping the stove stoked against the cold, reading and doing puzzles.

Looks like it will be a similar day tomorrow, though we may see John and Nev on their way north to Braidbar to discuss their new boat.

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