Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bustling about

I'm busy printing calendars whilst writing this, thus demonstrating that I can multitask after a fashion. It's been a brisk sort of day in a strong cold wind that certainly didn't encourage hanging about, though it's not the horrendous storm that the red tops have been scaremongering about.

Scotland's had it very stormy, mind you, but it is the middle of December...

Down to the village in the morning, to post some crochet doilies whilst Sheila took a walk round the marina and dumped the recycling.

This afternoon has been working on the calendar, mostly. Both ink cartridges decided to run out as soon as we started the serious print; this printer, an HP all-in-one beast, seems very greedy on ink, even if you pay the extra for the fully filled cartridges.

Not a lot more to say, really, it's been one of those days for concentrating on just a couple of jobs.

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