Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Another good day

It's been yet another good day here in Mercia. We had a lazy start followed by a walk round the marina. Peter and Jan got held up on the way down here, but made it just after half twelve. It meant it was most of one o'clock before we got to the Cherry Tree Farm Inn and we only just found a parking space and a table inside.

After that, things went swimmingly; good beer, an excellent carvery and huge desserts. We had a lot of family goss to catch up on, naturally, and so it was quite late before we headed back to the marina.

After a good old mooch round the Boardwalk we retired to the boat for a cup of tea and some huge ginger biscuits from the Farm Shop.

Elanor has texted to say that she made it into work today and is coming round in a bit with Sally for another walk.

And that's about it – I shall now slump in the corner for a bit, I think...


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