Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Plenty of exercise

I seem to have got a lot of exercise in the last 24 hours. First off, Elanor and I walked Sal round the marina last evening, Elanor having survived her day back at work, though she's still feeling pretty miserable with her cold.

Then this morning, after pottering in the boat for a bit, we went up to the lodge for a check round and to wait for the gas man. As I think I've said before (and if not, I should have), one of the great things about renting out a lodge at Mercia is that the same team that the maintains all the public areas in such a clean condition also does the turn round cleans for the lodges.

It's very rare indeed that we find any problems, and most of the time Kath is already onto them. Only last month she steam cleaned the oven because she wasn't satisfied that ordinary cleaning was getting it done to her standard.

So we fiddled about trying to find stuff to do and mostly failing, then I went back to the boat, fetched the iPads and we settled down to do some reading. When the guy hadn't arrived by lunchtime, we gave up, popped into the office to let them know and went and had a couple of excellent baked potatoes in the Farm Shop café.

Thus refuelled, we walked down to the village. I had a calendar to post to my sister in the States and Sheila needed to do something with one of the savings accounts. We split up then, Sheila heading for home and I to go to the pharmacy for the final instalment of my prescription.

Unfortunately, the pharmacy shuts for lunch and it was only twenty to two. Since the Co-op cash machine is still not working, I went back to the Post Office to draw some dosh for tonight. Ambling back to the pharmacy meant that I only had to wait five minutes before it opened.

The prescription was ready and, what's more, my third set of eye drops has finally made it onto the repeat, hurrah.

Back at the boat, we realised that neither of us had bought more milk. After a bit of a rest, I headed out again, collecting the now ready Gas Safe certificate from the office and buying milk at the Still Waters shop.

It's been quiet since; we've been resting in preparation for tonight's quiz session. Tomorrow should be a day off – we're hoping that Friday's weather will be reasonably calm, as we want to get a pump out before we're plunged into Christmas week.

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