Sunday, 14 December 2014

Another pleasant Sunday

For us, that is, and, I hope and believe, for Jo and Wynne with whom we lunched at the John Thompson again. Elanor, poor soul, is still suffering badly from her cold and is bringing the black hearted sinner dog round here for me to walk round the marina.

On the lead all the way, this time.

We'd not been idle before going out – with the lodge presently vacant, it was a good opportunity to defrost our fridge whilst we could store the frozen stuff in the lodge freezer. Accordingly, we moved the boxes up there and stowed the rest of the fridge contents in a laundry box in the engine room, which is pretty chilly these days.

Leaving a bowl of warm water in the fridge and the doors open, we ambled round to the Still Waters shop, where we bought kindling, dog treats and milk, a pretty odd combination even for us, but all needed.

On our return, it was apparent that things were progressing well in the fridge. I was able to drag the lumps of ice out of the frozen food compartment and get on with cleaning the inside. Sheila washed the shelves and soon the beast was chilling down again.

We had time for some reading before getting into going-to-the-pub clothes and meeting up with Jo and Wynne. We had another very good meal, both as regards the food and the talk and put the final touches to the quiz for Wednesday night.

Finally back at the boat, we've retrieved the frozen stuff and had a quiet time, now just ended with the arrival of the young women.


Jo said...

It was a VERY good meal. And the company wasn't too shabby either! All set for the quiz now .... looking forward to it.

Bruce in Sanity said...

Those were my second best trousers I had on!

Looking forward to Weds, I think...