Saturday, 13 December 2014

Getting on with stuff

It's been one of those days that turned out a bit busier than expected. It started smoothly enough with porridge for breakfast (winter is not just coming, Mr Stark, it's here). I wrote a letter to the GP, asking to have my third set of eyedrops added to the regular repeat and then walked down into the village to drop it off at the surgery together with a repeat prescription request that will see me through the holiday period.

On the way I popped into the Post Office to buy some nice white C4 envelopes to put the calendars in and a cheap black biro, having remembered on my way down there another item that needed ticking on the prescription request. As I passed the new Co-op, I checked that it had a cash machine as the wallet needed a bit of topping up.

On the way back, someone was using the said machine, so I nipped into the store and got various bits and pieces like a lettuce and some sandwich filler to keep Sheila going until the Ocado delivery on Monday. Out again to the cash machine, which now said "Sorry, this machine is not working".

So back to the PO to draw cash.

Finally back at the boat, we had a quiet time until lunch, towards the end of which Jo and Wynne turned up to suggest another trip to the John Thompson tomorrow, again for quiz plotting purposes.

Not long after that, Jules from the office rang to say that the guy doing the PAT testing was doing it now as he was in the marina to do the same for Rowan Lodge and our tenants had left early. Whilst we were up there giving a hand, Elanor called to say she'd arrived with Sally, was at the boat and where were we?

I rendezvoused with her and took Sally to the field for frisbee chasing whilst Elanor went back to join Sheila in the lodge; her cold meant that she really didn't want to be out. Unfortunately, Sally did not approve of this scheme and kept looking round for her Mum while we were in the field. She was worried enough that, after leaving a little heap for me to pick up, she set off to find Elanor, completely ignoring any commands I gave her.

In fact, when I shouted, she turned on the turbo and vanished over the horizon. Dogs, of course, are not allowed off the lead in the marina except in the fields, so I was pretty bothered. I gave Elanor a ring and she immediately went out to intercept. Sally went first to the car and then headed for the boat. As soon as Elanor called, albeit croakily, she zoomed up to her.

There was nothing for it, Elanor had to come to the field with me. Once there, we worked madam until she was reduced to trotting back with the frisbee and finally took to hiding it; when she's weary, she still can't resist chasing it, so tries to stop us getting hold of it again.

Elanor has now gone back home to bed and we are looking forward to a quiet evening.


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