Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Busy day on board

Although quite dry for most of the day, it's been cold and latterly very windy, encouraging us to stay on board for most of the time. Sheila finished the washing and took the first loads up to the facilities block to tumble, whilst I made a start on identifying photos for this year's family calendar. Well, ok, it's next year's calendar, really, but you know what I mean.

We've not been as productive with the cameras this year, though Sheila had some cracking wildlife shots to contribute. Still, we should be able to produce a decent spread over the next couple of days.

Whilst at the computer, I moved the next Ocado delivery back a bit and booked one for the week between Christmas and New Year, when we're back from spending the festive day at Boothby Graffoe. I also finally had an inspiration for Sheila's Christmas present and ordered it.

Sheila had perforce to go out this afternoon, as she had a hair appointment, so I carried on with the good work, collecting the tumbling load she'd left going and putting the last wash load through. I also swept the floor and cleaned the toilet in a burst of housekeeping mania.

Elanor and Sal will be coming round later for a windblown walk. We're looking forward to another quiet day tomorrow, though with a sociable evening; we'll be presenting the quiz with Jo and Wynne.

Edit: Ooops, the quiz is next week. Sorry Jo for the fright...


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Jo said...

It's not tomorrow ... it's the 17th!