Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Generally successful

It's been a successful day, overall. Sheila's caught up with the laundry and done the monthly banking stuff, whilst I dealt with some Owners' Group tasks.

After lunch, Elanor arrived with Sally and we all drove to Alrewas to see the dentist. Arriving in very good time meant that we were able to take Sal for a walk along the towpath to the river lock. There's only one boat on the Rebel's Field moorings at the moment, so traffic is obviously pretty low.

On the way back to the car, Sally distinguished herself. She was heeling alongside me with Elanor and Sheila following some distance behind. A chap passed with a collie on a lead; Sal walked past with no bother, but then started looking over her shoulder to make sure that it didn't bother her Mummy. So intent was she on this that she walked into a wooden post outside the William IV pub...


We all got a clean bill of health from the dentist and were duly descaled and polished.

Back at the marina again, Elanor and I took Sal to the field for some frisbee chasing. Sally's getting very good at bringing the frisbee back to exchange it for a treat; we'll make a retriever of her yet. Not.

Finally, Elanor ran me down to the pharmacy to collect the famous single dose packs of Ganfort. This took a bit longer than expected as they couldn't find the meds. After much hunting about through not just the N basket but also the M, B, A, L... ones, the dispenser found the prescription lying on the working bench unfilled. I mean they've only had it since last Thursday and the drugs were due to arrive on Friday.

Willington Pharmacy is not quite on top of the job at the moment, it seems to me. Heigh ho, at least I've got another two months supply.

Tomorrow, we plan to head into Derby to celebrate a day Sheila says I'm not allowed to mention...



John and Nev said...

In which case, a Happy non-event day tomorrow Sheila.

Glad to hear that Sally took so well to the descaling and polishing!!

KevinTOO said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Sheila :)

You only said the Bruce couldn't mention it, nothing about me... LOL

Hope you have a great day ;)

Best wishes,
Kevin TOO